Thursday, February 02, 2017

Religious archators

I am not "for Islam". In fact, I hate Islam. Not just "radical Islam", but all Islam. That's just how it is. For that matter, I'm not too fond of any religion. I know this may not be rational, and I would never support any "law" restricting religion (or anything else) in any way. That's the difference between me and most other people. I know my feelings are just feelings.

So, while I'm not "for Islam", I am for Liberty. And Liberty necessarily includes the right to blow the brains out of any idiot who violates anyone for any reason. Most of the "laws" and policies aimed at Muslims are going to hurt Liberty much worse than it will hurt them.

If someone is violating you or your property in the name of their religion, be it Christianity, Islam, or "The Law", I support your acts of self defense.

I simply don't like people who archate for any reason. I like it when archators die in the act of archating- I don't care what their justification might have been. Justice is served by their death-- or, perhaps in that case justice is not even necessary.

I don't like when people move here from other territories and commit archation. Not as a part of a gang; not because they believe their religion is served by it; and not just because they are a jerk. But, I see zero difference between an archator born in this town and one born in Mexico or Syria. The act is what makes it wrong, not their birthplace.

I also don't like it when people archate to build a wall to "seal the borders" and thus violate the property rights of everyone on both sides, and especially those whose property lies along the path of that wall. They are doing just what they accuse those they are trying to keep out of doing.

The wall-lusters are just like those they hate. They are acting exactly like "radical Muslims", "illegal aliens", and criminals. They are violating the life, liberty, and property of others. They don't see it, because they desperately don't want to see it, but it's the truth. They hide the superstitious nature of their desire-- their own twisted religion-- from themselves, because otherwise they might have to see themselves as the bad guys. They hide their true nature behind nice-sounding lies.

I see through their lies. Don't you?


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