Monday, April 27, 2015

Renovations complete at

 For the past several days I have been re-writing all the pages at I was a bigger task that I expected, and I am glad it is done.

A lot of the pages were badly outdated. My views have changed. I used to be much more a "constitutionalist" than I am now- although that was years ago. I have come closer to the roots of many things, rather than worrying with the leaves and branches so much. It was time to reflect that growth. (One page that I don't edit is "My Views", since that is an archive. Well, I don't edit anything but the introduction to the page, anyway.)

As always, I found and corrected more typos and misspellings.

I also decided to mirror KentForLiberty in pages on this blog. You can find these new pages under the blog header. I did that for a couple of reasons: I wanted a backup, just in case something happened to the website- such as me not continuing to pay for it, or it getting shut down for some other reason. I also have had technical glitches, while I was in the midst of editing, which have erased pages before. I wanted a faster way of fixing that problem.

I also thought it would be good to have it all in one place, here, so that if anyone is looking around, it would be easy to find.

It was a lot of work- I hope you like the results.


Belief in "government" makes you weak

Belief in "government" is a crutch for some people. Leaning on it atrophies their muscles and is a self-destructive cycle of decay.

They have gotten dependent on leaning on it and now believe that they can't stand on their own two feet. But they can- if they'll just try. It might be difficult at first, and they may falter and stumble, but the alternative is a steady decline.

When a problem crops up, the first reaction of many seems to be to reach out to "government" for assistance.

Do you really wish to sell yourself and your family into slavery that cheaply? Do you want to sell your future and the future of your children? You are worth more than that.

Don't let the belief in "government" blind you to your own abilities and your real value.

You are not crippled; the State-worshipers are.

You can stand on your own if only you will drop the crutch that belief in "government" has hypnotized you into believing you need.

Drop it and stand on your own feet. Then take a step forward, away from the negative goons of the State. While you are at it, tell those goons to take a hike.