Wednesday, March 20, 2024


Yes, the rumors are true. I'm on TwiXXer, or "The X Platform" as it is commonly known these days. I've been on it for a while now, not terribly active but present.

But... and this is the tricky part... I'm probably not supposed to be there. So. I'm trying to be fairly quiet, beyond posting my blogs. 

I'm not planning to engage any anti-gun bigots, copsuckers, or political criminals like I did before. Sometimes, the temptation may get the better of me, though.

I went back into my original account that had been locked down because some pre-Musk pinhead said I was doing a hate speech or something (I forget what, and I don't really care). I haven't tried getting into the account I was using when some early Musk-era pinhead banned me "for life" for saying people have a right to defend themselves from people who are blocking their path to emergency medical care. By running over them with their car if that's what it takes. I won't apologize for speaking the truth, even if w0kesters don't like it. 

Yes, I'm so unreasonably violent!

I don't think the ban would have survived personal scrutiny by Musk, had I been a big enough account to get his attention, but I could be wrong. I'm just going by what I see Elon himself posting. I think he would personally agree with everything I wrote in that tweet.

X isn't some bastion of free speech. It's undoubtedly better now than when the US feral gooberment was telling the pinheads in charge of banning whom to ban. It's probably still the best one out there-- although Gab lets users post the most disgusting racist crap I've ever seen online. (But, hey, I appreciate knowing who the bigots are, so I'm all for letting them speak!)

X lost most of my respect (and trust) when I got banned. I still find it useful for giving me ideas to write about. And, I may inevitably test the waters and see what happens.

If you're on X and don't follow this account, please do. If you only follow the banned account, keep following it-- I may use it as a backup when/if I get banned again sometime in the future. Although that might not work next time.

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