Saturday, October 19, 2013

A "care", I do not give

I find myself caring less each and every day about what the bad guys who call themselves "government" are doing.

It's odd, in a way, because I still enjoy writing about their stupid and evil ways, but for my own personal life, I'm really not caring too much what their silly demands are.

I try to avoid them, and if I can't I just view them as I would any other thief, thug, or bully.  A fact of life, but one that I don't have to like or cooperate with.

I still notice the parasites when I see them out preying on their supposed bosses, of course.

But, I find myself less inclined to even consider their wishes.

Just a couple of days ago I shook my head in disgust at one of the local cops as he sat by my house, lying in wait for travelers who make the mistake of driving near the school in the mornings.  After I did so (I was crossing the street near him) I thought "he might have seen that", but then I realized I just didn't care.

And, I had glared at this same cop- only a week or so on the "job" [sic] in this town- after he almost pulled right out in front of me as he was leaving the "cop shop" a week or so earlier.  He had a dazed "deer in the headlights" look as he sat there about half way in the road and I had to drive around his Mobile Oppression Unit.

But, as far as what "laws" the vermin choose to try to impose- or occasionally relinquish- I can scarcely muster a "meh".

Part of that may be due to reading Rose Wilder Lane's "The Discovery of Freedom".  I really recommend the book- even if I do find it absurd that she starts out by speaking of how necessary government is, and then spends the rest of the book very effectively demolishing her own claim.  And her descriptions of the "outlaw" heritage of humanity, doing what is right and necessary in spite of "laws" and Rulers, really speaks to me.

Part of it may be that life is more important than those who try to stand in its way.  I have other things to worry about.

I'll keep exposing their failure, laughing at their absurdity, ignoring them when it pleases me, going along with their demands "just enough" when necessary, and defying them when I need to.

I think they are doomed.  I really do.