Monday, May 08, 2023

The reasonable middle ground that no one likes

An unfortunate truth I've noticed is how often the desire to be empathetic-- kind, compassionate, and understanding-- leads to the opposite result.

That’s how you end up with “gun control”, "equity", and saving bad guys from the consequences of their actions. It leads to homeless camps in town and gender ideology. Really stupid things.

People will bend over so far trying to put themselves in the other guy's shoes that they end up hurting the innocent. Sometimes, killing them.

Of course, the opposite approach isn't any better. Being authoritarian "for your own good" leads to results that are just as bad.

This is how you end up with substance prohibition,  overflowing prisons, and "immigration" control. Really mean things— that are also really stupid. 

It leads to a dystopian police state just as horrible as the one the other extreme leads to. 

Is there a solution? A rational middle ground? Probably. But humans may be incapable of dwelling in it for more than a minute or two.

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