Monday, January 19, 2015

Love liberty, or lick the hand of the State. Your choice.

How can liberty loving bloggers* point out the evil of the State in blog post after blog post... but interspersed in those, spout worship for parts of the State they like?

I see it over and over with certain bloggers.

It's like they recognize the State is completely evil, but they give the military a pass because they were once part of it, or have a loved one who was (or is).

Guess what. I have loved ones who have been in the military and have a loved one in the military even now, and I still recognize it for what it is: the blunt instrument of Empire-building evil. It's like the mugger's gun aimed at your face- and the "troops" are the bullets.

The inconsistency is staggering when someone keeps posting pro-military crap while claiming to value Rightful Liberty.

I'm not saying you can't learn from things the military teaches or has done. You can learn something valuable from anyone, but that doesn't mean you should worship them. It also doesn't mean you should shield them from honest criticism.

It also doesn't mean Chris Kyle was anything but a State's mafia hitman. A murderer.

Added: *I am very disappointed that one in particular didn't approve my comment to this effect on his blog post about idiot collectivist Michael Moore's comments about mass-murderer collectivist Chris Kyle. No, I won't say who he is, but you probably know of him.