Saturday, July 09, 2022

How to identify a good cop

People tell me about "good cops" and scold me for not believing in them. I've never seen any evidence of their existence, but I know what one would look like if I saw it.

A good cop is one who never gives tickets (traffic tickets, seatbelt tickets, etc.) to anyone who didn't cause actual harm to an individual or their property. Even those who do cause harm don't owe anyone but the person harmed (they never owe government). I'd support the giving of tickets only if all the money was given to the victim.

A good cop would never hassle anyone about a weapon of any sort, unless it was currently being used to violate an innocent person. Then, it's not about the weapon but about the act. No "weapons charges" at all, ever. If they can't be legitimately charged with a real crime, let them walk.

A good cop would never arrest anyone on drug charges, and never take anyone's drugs. Yes, this means addicts would die. Some innocent people would also die (which prohibition hasn't prevented anyway). That's a price of liberty.

A good cop would never confiscate property that wasn't stolen and being immediately returned to its owner-- would certainly never participate in the staged photo-op table covered with drugs, guns, and money after a "bust".

A good cop isn't going to care where a person was born or what government paperwork/permissions he possesses.

A good cop will not enforce any "tax" or help punish anyone who didn't pay one. Would never help steal anyone's property over a "property tax" issue.

A good cop will never help enforce "eminent domain".

A good cop would not patrol looking for trouble, but would wait at the station until explicitly called for.

A good cop would abide by "no victim, no crime", no matter what "the law" said.

A good cop would obey the Constitution to the letter where it enhances individual liberty and utterly ignore it any time it doesn't. No "law" which violates individual liberty can ever be legitimate, no matter who wrote it.

You find me this person and I'll concede that you've found a good cop. Otherwise, you're a government supremacist living in a statist delusion I want no part of.


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