Monday, March 29, 2021

Niche museums for oddball interests

The other day I again visited the International UFO Museum (and Research Center) in Roswell, New Mexico. It's kind of amazing to me that someone could make such a museum and that it stays so busy. But good for them.

I wonder how a Museum of Government (as I have discussed in the past) would fare. 

It would be hard to make it interesting for reasonable people and government-supremacists, alike. And you'd need both to make money on it.

I have lots of ideas for displays, though.

I can picture a diorama in the "Prehistory of Government" room showing some skin-clad fellows realizing it's safer to pose as Wise Men and protectors who are "owed" a cut of the hunt than it is to roam from tribe to tribe killing and looting, thus forming the first political government. 

Another where they are arguing that only they and their henchmen should be carrying stone-tipped spears, while everyone else is only allowed a sharpened stick-- upon their approval, of course. For "safety".

Maybe the statists would come for the laughs, unknowingly wallowing in their ignorance. As long as they paid the admission fee, they can laugh all they want. The joke is on them.


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