Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Liberty doesn’t require you to vote

Liberty doesn’t require you to vote

(My Clovis News Journal column for October 17, 2014)

The great national distraction is approaching. Yes, election day is just around the corner. Campaign signs are popping up in yards and in unclaimed "public" spaces- touting this or that politician or government financing scheme.

People mistake this fervor for "doing something".

I am told to choose between Fascistic Socialist Candidate A or Fascistic Socialist Candidate B. One choice will destroy society and enslave the people, while the other will bring Utopia- or at least delay the decay.

Then, I am told I must choose how my money will be confiscated to pay for government; never is the option to cut off all funding and retain my property placed on the table.

Few would be mature enough, or brave enough, to choose that option, anyway.

It's odd that the only choices I see offered concern who you'll have violating your life, liberty, and property in the near future, depending on which "side" you vote for. Rightful Liberty, empowered by self-ownership and self responsibility, free of official violation, is never offered as an option. It's antimatter to politics.

If you see the game is rigged and refuse to keep playing, you are told you have "lost" your right to complain. This seems backwards to me, since if I refuse to play Russian Roulette, I am not forced to risk my life based on the results of the game, while those who choose to play are explicitly agreeing to abide by the outcome. If you choose to jump off a bridge, don't get upset that I won't hold your hand on your way to oblivion.

If you still believe voting can change things, but insist on voting for the best candidate rather than choosing the lesser of two evils, nationally famous loudmouths, such as Ann Coulter, might threaten to drown you for daring to reject the anointed choices. As if you are obligated to the two "mainstream parties", and not voting for one or the other is stealing votes from them.

Remember: no matter how you vote, government wins every election.

Fortunately, you never need to vote for liberty. Liberty just is. You simply claim it and live it. Rights are never subject to a vote, nor to majority opinion or the law. All those other things can violate your rights by making liberty "illegal". What else would you expect? There will always be those who waylay others for their twisted purposes. You may as well accept it and learn to deal with them.

Participate in the pageant of politics if you enjoy it, but don't expect your participation to really improve anything. You might as well vote to change the colors of the rainbow.


"Capitalism" can't be the problem

People who "go off" about capitalism amuse me. Generally, what they are upset about isn't capitalism, but "crony capitalism"/corporatism. Fascism.

It's just easier to whine about capitalism, I suppose. Or trendier. As long as you can hang on to your ignorance, anyway.

  • capitalism noun 1. an economic system in which investment in and ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals or corporations, especially as contrasted to cooperatively or state-owned means of wealth.

I just can't see what anyone could object to there unless they subscribe to the bizarre notions that private property is evil or "no one can own property". And if that's the case... well, it's hard to debate self-contradictory craziness.

I also don't see any capitalism happening around me.

Even corporations aren't allowed to own the "means of production", control distribution, or exchange wealth without massive State interference- and these corporations are the ones supposedly controlling the government (according to the capitalism haters). You and I both know corporations embrace the meddling (and even promote it to The State) because they already have teams of lawyers, and lots of money, to comply with the new red tape, while upstart competitors find each new requirement makes it harder to get started,

I have some sympathy for the ignorant anti-capitalists. At least until the facts are explained to them. After that, ignorance is no longer an excuse. Pure stupidity or evil are all that remain.