Tuesday, July 25, 2023

He's telling you what he'd do to you

If someone indicates they don't consider theft to be wrong, wouldn’t it be smart to think they’ll probably steal from you at the first opportunity?

A guy who called himself a "post scarcity anarchist" seemed to be arguing in favor of chaos and nihilism-- property destruction, beating people, and riots, specifically. He defended the actions because "anarchy is lawless".

Obviously, I believe he is accepting the state's misdefinition of "anarchy" as chaos and is confusing legislation for law. As well as hiding his personal nihilism behind the word "anarchist".

As an aside, I've seen an awful lot of self-described "anarchists" lately advocating in favor of taxation and "policy" (backed by enforcement) and other things that require a coercive government. And democracy. So the problem isn't uniquely his.

But when someone doesn't reject theft, or even encourages it, I'm going to assume they are willing to steal. If they are willing to steal, where will they draw the line? What are they not willing to steal? My money, my car, and my house seem to be on the table. Will he stop before stealing my life? Can I be sure about that?

When someone tells you who they are, believe them. Even if the words they use to describe themselves and their philosophy are not the words you'd use. Regardless of the definitions, take them at their word when they let you know what they are willing to do to you.

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