Saturday, September 06, 2014

Borderists expose their confusion

If you've seen an online argument over "immigration" I'm sure you've seen this. Some smug "conservative" collectivist will think he is whipping out his "Gotcha!" and waving it around:

"If you don't mind illegal immigrants then you won't mind if I move into your house. What's your address?"

Sigh. It's as embarrassing as when Creationists try to use the Second Law of Thermodynamics to support their position.

In their socialistic little minds, they (or The State) "own" all the land called "America" (or "The USA" as the case may be) just like I own my house. Only, apparently, since they are socialistic collectivists, they think the State's claim on my house comes first, too. So, since they don't recognize private property rights, I guess it would seem reasonable to them to move into my house.

Since I do recognize private property rights, I know I have no right to move into their house, nor to assert a collective claim on the whole land, including their property.

I sympathize with some of the anti-migrant feelings. But to use that argument just shows you're an idiot- and a collectivist one at that.