Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Fossilized "news"

A couple of years ago someone got really angry at me when I said the "news" is fake, and history is just fossilized "news", so (political) history is probably also fake.

What I mean by "fossilized news" is that when fake "news" is repeated and accepted enough it becomes the "truth" that ends up in history books and won't be changed because either no one looks for truth, or those who do are disparaged as "revisionists". The history is then set in stone. True or not. Fake "news" has fossilized.

It seems like more people are finally catching up.

It's probably not all news- Krakatoa probably really did erupt catastrophically in 1883, but this news isn't political. "News" concerning wars, elections, uprisings, politicians, assassinations, legislation, etc. is political, which makes it more likely to be fake than true. 

Those who are most motivated to spread their propaganda probably write the nonsense that ends up in government-approved "history" books, which then become the "history" society agrees on. 

Eventually, everyone will believe there was an actual insurrection on January 6, 2021, because that's what "history" will claim happened, since that's what the "news" has been claiming ever since that day. Anyone who speaks the truth will be a "revisionist" because the liars will have won.

(I'm not posting a blog tomorrow since today is my birthday and I'm going to take a planned break from writing.)

Thank you for reading.