Saturday, July 22, 2023

Trump prosecution petty, vindictive

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for June 18, 2023)

I'm no fan of former president Donald Trump. I'm also no fan of those who keep trying to prosecute him. It's a stale rerun no one cares about; no one other than those who keep trying to sell it as something new. It's past time to move on.

They won't. Is it an obsession or a vendetta? It appears to be both.

His main crime, of course, is keeping their Anointed One-- Hillary Clinton-- out of the White House. Even if they deny it, I'll always believe this is why they can't get over Trump.

They were so positive she would win, completely unaware of how unpopular she has always been with the regular people of the country, that they had to explain her defeat in a way that didn't look like her fault. So, they made up the Russian collusion hoax followed by other hoaxes; whatever they could get enough people to believe. It worked.

The never-ending chain of indictments is simply another tactic they're using to hurt him if they can. They've made up other justifications, but I'm not buying them.

The least believable justification for their vendetta is a desire to seek justice. The pursuit of Trump isn't about justice. If it were about justice Joe Biden would be on the docket, too.

All politicians, especially all who end up as president, do things I consider crimes. Joe Biden credibly appears to be the head of an actual crime family. If those who keep trying to "get" Trump really cared about crimes committed by politicians, or about justice, they wouldn't be so biased in their focus. Of course, his pursuers are also criminals in my eyes, so maybe it's in their self-interest to keep the public distracted with Trump Indictment Theater.

While Trump's defeat of Clinton was the trigger, setting all this prosecution (and persecution) in motion, the fuel keeping the clown show going is their obvious desperation to make sure Trump can't become president again. To make it so he can't even run for office if possible.

They'd prefer to have the voters accept the criminal they choose, rather than the one they've spent so much effort trying to take off the field.

I suppose they believe if they keep hammering away at Trump, they'll eventually succeed in getting him convicted of something. Maybe. Mostly what they've managed to accomplish is making themselves look petty, vindictive, and pathetically political.
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Living in enemy territory

You are living in enemy territory. Behind enemy lines. Whether you're in California, Texas, or Cuba. Even if this wasn't always the case, it is now. I know it's an uncomfortable thing to face, especially if you want to be a friendly, open person.

Your liberty is illegal, unpopular, and seen as a threat to those who seek to appease the enemies who occupy your territory. Same with your life and property if you decide to defend them from those who'd take or destroy them. Some of the people around you are happy to work with your enemies to help them destroy you.

If you are really lucky, you have family and friends who'll be on your side. To help you keep the enemies at bay. If not, enemy territory is going to feel more claustrophobic and lonely than you'd like.

What are you going to do about it? You probably shouldn't tell me over the internet.

It's a problem.

I don't have a solution. 

You can pretend this isn't true; that I am being hyperbolic. I suspect this is how most people cope with the situation.

You can try to go along to get along. Maybe they'll eat you last. 

You can join the enemy as a mole or monkeywrencher, either buying time from the inside or working to foil their plans. But at risk of losing yourself in the process.

You can speak the truth and make them mad-- taking your chances. 

You can be silent and as invisible as possible while carving out your own little hovel of liberty in the midst of those who want to destroy you. Until you are discovered.

Any approach is going to have upsides and downsides-- and you don't have to stick to only one method.

If you don't at least recognize that you live in enemy territory... I don't know what to say to you.

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