Wednesday, June 05, 2024

Statism withers in the presence of thought

It seems odd to me that a large segment of the population is fine with aggressive criminals facing no consequences for their actions but are scared of mere tools. This doesn't make sense if people use their brains.

I've met some of these people. They aren't able to put their arguments for these beliefs into words. Other than expressing their feelings about the matter.

Interestingly enough, I've met some on the other political side who are the same way.

They acknowledge that some cops are trash, but still cling to the delusion that those are a minority and most are good. I had someone express this to me recently, due to recent events. My response: "Yes. And then those good cops stand by and do nothing while the bad ones do the bad stuff, meaning the good ones are just as bad." There was no pushback. How could there be?

It seems to come down to the fact that their Party holds the position, so they hold the position, but they can't really explain why. There doesn't seem to be anything like thought backing it up. And if you keep pushing, even gently, they'll get angry or shut down.

I don't think they know why they believe what they believe. It's most likely because they haven't really put any thought into it. They just believe what they've been conditioned by their team to believe, and can't even articulate why they believe it. If they thought about it, they'd see how silly and nonsensical their position really is. So they avoid thinking about it.

You don't think yourself into statism, but you can think yourself out of it. In fact, it's the inevitable outcome if you really think.

Thank you for reading.