Thursday, November 09, 2023

Legalize everything

I've realized why I don't care as much as others seem to when things I think are wrong get "legalized".

Making something "illegal" only provides a path for government to punish those doing it. Making it "legal" again only removes (or alters) that power. It can't change something wrong into something right, nor something right into something wrong. It's all about the ability to use government to punish. I think punishment-- revenge-- is wrong. I know political government is illegitimate.

If you are doing something I believe is wrong, I will change my behavior toward you. I may shun you or tell others why I think you're a bad person. I may have to defend myself or others from you. What I'm not interested in doing is using government violence to punish you for what you do. If a bad guy is victimizing someone, no "law" is required to create-- and no "law" can take away-- the natural human right to defend self and others as you see fit.

Of course, this also explains my thoughts when something everyone has a right to do gets made "illegal". What bothers me about that isn't the "illegal" part, it's the punishments attached. You're still not doing wrong if you "break the law", even if government catches and punishes you.

The opinion of politicians is worthless because they don't understand right and wrong-- if they did they probably wouldn't be politicians. And they certainly wouldn't be making up legislation.

(Added: "Legalize", decriminalize-- what I want is everything removed from government's purview, however you want to say it.)

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