Thursday, December 13, 2018

Cranky and wallowing in it

Am I imagining things, or are statists getting crankier? Especially when called out for their statist nonsense. They lately seem more desperate to justify their archation, and more bizarre in their criticisms of liberty.

In a lot of ways, things aren't going at all well for me right now. But I'm not angry at the world and trying to take it out on everyone. It is what it is, and it's not "the World's" fault.

Yet, it seems like that's the case with so many statists recently. Just angry, spiteful, and hateful. Willing to take their frustration out on anyone who crosses their path. Especially someone who calls them out on their hypocrisy, inconsistency, or lack of rationality.

Maybe it's just that I'm less diplomatic than at other times in the past, but I'm seeing it in lots of places, and not only in response to me. So that makes me believe it's not just me.

Has anyone else noticed this? Is this what encountering those on the losing side of history looks like?


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