Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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Pontificating on what you don't understand

Every so often, I'll experience the joy of having a statist telling me what I "really believe", or what I "really want".

And they are always terribly off-base in their assessment.

Usually it is because they don't understand the first thing about Rightful Liberty.

Often it is because they also don't understand that protecting the rights of others to do anything that doesn't initiate force or take the property of others doesn't mean I necessarily want to all do the things humans have a right to do. There are some things we each have the right to do that I have no interest in doing- I might even think some of those things are "wrong"- at least for me, personally. But "wrong" doesn't mean it should be "illegal", or that goons with guns should come cage you for doing it.

Because, as much as it may pain some people (down in the comments) to hear it, all "laws" are either unnecessary or harmful. You can't make things better by making up a "law".  Vices can never be real universal wrongs.

But, facing this truth doesn't mean I want to see the destruction of civilization, either.  Quite the contrary.  I want to see the State- the most uncivilized mental problem ever to take root in the brain of humankind- taken out of the equation, so that civilization can flourish.  I don't want everyone running around, given in to their "animal natures"; raping, killing, stealing, etc.  Nope.  I want to end the most disgusting excuse ever dreamed up for doing all those evil things. That is why I advocate liberty. That is why I am an enemy of the (thugs who call themselves the) State.

What about you?