Monday, May 11, 2020

Pointless coronavirus testing

Someone I know had a coronavirus test in Texas 2 weeks ago today. She's been waiting for results because she's not allowed to return to work without being cleared by a doctor.

She was originally told it would be 3 or 4 days before the results were available.

After the 4 days passed she began calling to see if anyone knew anything. She was told the state would call with the results and that the hospital had nothing to do with it. "Be patient."

Finally, today, with great frustration, she called and refused to hang up until someone gave her either an answer or a better number to call.

Surprise, they connected her to the hospital lab who told her the test was negative. They said they have done hundreds of tests and are overwhelmed trying to call people with their results. This, in a county with only 19 official cases of coronavirus (as of yesterday, May 10).

If she'd had COVID-19, she'd either be over it or dead by now. This isn't how to "solve" anything. What was even the point of doing the test? It wasn't for health reasons, that's for sure.


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