Monday, September 19, 2016

Drifting, shifting blogs

There are blogs I used to follow more closely in the past than I do now. In almost every case my falling away has been due to the author drifting either right or left. Embracing exceptions to Rightful Liberty that they personally like.

More of them have recently shifted right than left, but that may just be an indication of the current political climate- "immigrants" and Islamic mass-murderers and a reaction to Hillary Clinton.

The sad fact is, they are ignoring their most powerful ally. Rightful Liberty, without exceptions, can solve any real problem, and expose any illusory "problem" for what it is. Property rights are especially good at this, if they are truly respected. Self defense can solve most of the rest.

But, they can't claim exceptions and violate their enemies just because they want to. If your enemy has no right to do it, neither do you. If you do it to them, you are a hypocrite when you complain they do it to you.

If you can't be consistent when problems crop up, then you may not have been on the side of Rightful Liberty from the beginning. You may have just been using it for your agenda, ready to toss it aside as soon as it got in the way of what you really wanted.

That doesn't mean I stopped reading those blogs- it just means I pretty much stopped engaging and commenting. They still have useful things to add- you just have to be able to discern the gold among the statist crap. And, really, that's pretty easy.

Does it claim governments have rights or "authority"? Statist crap.
Does it claim that "the people" can delegate "rights" they can't have as individuals to a third party to act on their behalf? Statist crap.
You get the idea.

I'm sure those blogs don't miss my participation, but I do miss feeling like they were on my side.

My subscriptions are down about $65 from a year ago. That may not sound like much, but when you live on the edge as I do, it's a lot. I desperately need to replace (or surpass) those subscriptions. 
A big "thank you!" to supporters of this blog. I probably couldn't keep doing this without you.

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