Saturday, May 07, 2016

Hurting the bad guys' feelings

I am not an angry person.

But, I'm not gonna coddle statists, and they often see this as anger. The truth is "mean". It hurts their feelings. Well too bad. But I get it. No one wants to see that they are wrong.

What seems really odd to me is when other liberty lovers mistake truth and a lack of coddling for anger.

Maybe you want me to hold their hands and tell them "Now, now. You're not so bad. You just have a different opinion. It's OK". This might work in a few cases, but some people need to be snapped out of it, and this touchy-feely stuff won't work for them. They need to be shown exactly how horrible they are being. Yeah, they may dig in their heels, but it's still right to warn them that beliefs- especially horrible false beliefs- have consequences.

But, really, you believe telling them what they advocate is wrong isn't nice? Are you missing what they are doing to you? Would you comfort a rapist from all the mean old people who tell him he is evil? Would you get upset at the person who shoots him in self defense? Would you say we should just reason him out of his behavior, and if he doesn't want to change, "Oh well"?

Then why coddle statists?

Maybe you don't understand exactly what it is they are supporting. They don't care that they support sacrificing your property to their beliefs. If you get in the way, they support putting you in a cage. You liberty scares them, and they want bullies to control you. And if you resist any of this, they're fine with you being murdered. That is what government-- The State-- is. It is ALL it is. Aggression and theft on a grand scale. "Too big to change."

Well, it's still wrong to support The State. In every circumstance. If you're going to support evil, but you don't want anyone to call you out on it, you are going to be disappointed. Time to grow up.

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