Tuesday, April 24, 2018


I get occasional criticism for the things I write, and sometimes a bit of praise. I actually get more praise, I suspect because the critics don't keep coming back (maybe because I won't endlessly engage dumb or misguided criticism), so the pool of readers kind of selects for those who are more likely to praise.

Praise is probably as "bad" for me as criticism-- or worse. But it sure feels nicer.

Praise just means I said something that someone agrees with. We might both be wrong. And, tomorrow I might say something they hate just as much as they liked what I said today. Praise is fleeting. And it doesn't educate as much as criticism does.

But praise sometimes comes with donations or subscriptions attached; criticism rarely does. So that's a plus for praise.

Either way, I value feedback, whatever its nature. Otherwise it feels like I am talking to myself.

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