Saturday, December 12, 2020

Opportunities all around

It may be largely confirmation bias, but it sure does seem like my view of how things work has been really good at predicting what will happen. Yeah, I missed the mainstream-accepted result of the presidential selection, but I never claimed elections were legitimate anyway-- quite the opposite. Still, you can count that as a loss for my prediction abilities.

But as for what's going on with the panicdemic and society and government in general, I haven't been surprised much. 

I'm a little surprised that people who I can't relate to, in big cities far away, are putting up with what's being done to them... but then, they also put up with disarmament rules that I couldn't tolerate. I can't really relate to enthusiastic slaves no matter what the situation is.

Around here, at least on the Texas side, tolerance for the Covid rules is about gone. It lingered a little longer than I thought it would, but I am not surprised that it's pretty much done. I wish my New Mexico neighbors would stand up to the tyrants who pretend to own them, too. But I know it's hard to do. Maybe they'll be inspired by their Texas friends.

I'm happy to see more people getting sick of government, even if it's just because government looks like it's going to be against "their side" for a while. Whatever works. Now, to get them to give up on it altogether while they are susceptible. This may turn out to be an unusual opportunity.

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