Thursday, April 30, 2015


I've been thinking a lot about water problems and droughts. And not just as it pertains to California.

In wilderness survival you learn that even in nice conditions, a lack of drinkable water is a serious problem. In that case it is the first thing likely to kill you. In bad conditions it can be even more critical, depending on the circumstances- even though something else might kill you first.

People living in arid regions made a choice that may turn out to be bad. Especially those who kept moving into a dry area after the amount of water available was not enough to support anyone new.

I think that without "government" water projects, the distribution of people and water would be a more reasonable match. It will self-correct even with the artificial "help".

If an area runs out of water, the people and businesses will leave if an affordable and sustainable solution isn't found.

"Government" shouldn't bail out the region (with coercion or stolen property)- and I speak as a person living in such an area.