Monday, November 28, 2022

"Rights have to change with the times"

Rights can't be created or destroyed. They remain the same throughout time.

Documents don't create rights, and even if they were intended to protect rights, they don't. That's a failed idea-- maybe one that seemed like something to try once or twice, but one that fails every single time.

Rights are more about what you can't do to others without being the bad guy than about what you can do. All rights are "negative rights" and this is a positive thing.

New situations or technology can't change rights. They can't create new rights or destroy old ones.

The right to speak freely didn't change when email was invented, or even when writing was invented. Because the right to speak freely only means no one has the right to silence you; to stop you from sharing your thoughts, nor do they have the right to prevent others who want the free exchange of ideas from hearing yours.

The right to defend yourself and your property from aggressors and thieves doesn't depend on the tools you use. It doesn't matter what tools are invented in the future. This is something you always have a right to do and no one has the "right" to meddle.

Slavery was always wrong, even when it was accepted. No one has the right to pretend to own another person. Slavery is always a violation of rights, even if you think of ways to justify it. Rights didn't change and suddenly take away an imaginary "right" to own slaves, or create a right to not be enslaved. The rights were always the same, even as acceptance and recognition of those rights shifted with time.

Theft didn't become OK when thieves started calling it "taxation" and the "right" to tax has never existed and never will.

Rights don't change or go away because of someone's feelings or fear. If you don't "believe in" rights, imagine a society-- or even two people meeting-- without rights.

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