Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Islam would only be an issue in one part of the globe....

I was waiting to see if anyone brought up a point I made in the most recent "Liberty Lines", but I guess no one will (unless someone does in the paper).

The part I'm talking about: "Islam wouldn't be spreading so much and wouldn't be an issue outside that one part of the globe."

What? Am I saying a problem doesn't matter if it only affects one place?

Not at all.

The people affected have every right to fight back. They have a right to ask for support. You have an individual right to go try to help. You don't have a right to force me or anyone else to pay your way. You don't have a right to kill non-aggressors based on where they live or what you believe they might be thinking or planning.

If you want to go there to defend the residents who are being violated by Islam and Muslims, go ahead. Pay your own way, don't say you are doing it on my behalf, and live with the consequences. If you get blown up, shot, beheaded, or burned to death it is a foreseeable outcome. You should recognize that when you go.