Friday, June 25, 2021

'm against imprisonment, even for murderous cops. I wouldn't want my stolen money ("taxes") going to keep him caged and fed. Let these creeps live among people who know who they are and what they did and see how that goes without the protection of their former gang.

If you confuse police for anything like "public safety", there's no lie too outrageous for you to fall for. You probably think "gun safety" means looking down the barrel while pulling the trigger to make sure the gun isn't loaded. Or tasting the sewage to see if it's safe to drink.

Anti-gun bigots' delusions


"Gun control" [sic] is anti-science. It is superstition. It is historical ignorance, technological ignorance, and sociological ignorance. It is racist, sexist, and government-supremacist. It is antisocial. It doesn't make anyone but the bad guys safer. Senile Grampa Joe embodies all of this and more (as has every president before him).

Without lies and ignorance, there is no way to advocate for anti-gun legislation. All justifications evaporate when exposed to reality.

It doesn't matter what guns were around when the Second Amendment was written because the Second Amendment doesn't address kinds of guns, it forbids government legislation or "policy" from touching those guns, The natural human right to own, build, sell, and carry weapons of any type already existed and will remain unchanged regardless of what political criminals do. Rights aren't subject to someone else's opinions, ever.

Maybe you don't have the right to own a nuclear weapon, but neither does any government. Rights, real rights which exist, are individual. Governments-- as collectives-- have no rights, and most definitely never have the "right" to regulate, ration, limit, license, or otherwise violate the actual rights of any individual. Personally, I don't believe it is possible to use nuclear weapons defensively-- there will always be innocents harmed. Thus, I don't think there can be a right to own nuclear weapons.

Neither is it just about deer hunting. Yes, the right to hunt game is important, but so is the right to hunt tyrants and otherwise defend yourself and others-- society-- from archators of every sort. 

I don't act as though anti-gun bigots have a point, because I'm not going to lie for their benefit. They are a danger to the human species and need to be treated as such. Their time is up.


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