Friday, April 09, 2021

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Ol' Joe Bad'un's "executive actions" against gun owners

Domestic enemy and anti-gun bigot criminal Joe Biden (probably under the control of his emotional support pig*) has announced "executive actions" on guns. 

He lies and says it's about "gun violence". It's not-- it's about violating every ethical gun owner.

He lies and says this doesn't violate the Second Amendment; that no amendment is absolute-- what he means is that he believes no right is absolute. He's wrong. 

The truth is, rights can either be respected or violated, there is no third option. You can't really get more absolute than that. Whether or not a right is explicitly listed in a constitutional amendment is irrelevant (the Ninth Amendment covers all those, anyway). 

Yes, all rights come with responsibility, but he can't choose (or add on to) what that responsibility will entail. The responsibility remains the same, always: the responsibility to not archate. Nothing he can say or do can change this in the slightest way, and in fact, by doing what he is doing he has grievously violated his responsibility. He is stepping beyond what he has a right to do. He has become (well, he has been for decades) the aggressor. The bad guy. Much worse than any mass shooter or freelance murderer. 

He is taking sides with the mass murderers and freelance murderers who will be empowered by his actions. At your expense. This will cost innocent lives.

Remember, executive actions are not executive orders, executive orders are not legislation, legislation isn't law, and law can never violate a natural human right, such as the right to own and to carry weapons. If it violates a natural human right, it isn't law.

Not only that, he put a monstrous anti-gun bigot, with the blood of Waco on its filthy claws, in charge of the unconstitutional, unethical, and criminal BATFEces gang. This feels like a declaration of war to me.

You aren't obligated to comply with any of this, and you have the ethical right to defend yourself from those who try to impose it on you. No, it won't be safe or easy-- doing the right thing rarely is.

If you hold out hope that "good cops" will refuse to enforce his evil will, you are out of touch with reality. 

A better hope may come from the record number of new, first-time gun owners that have been created in the past year or so. I have my doubts that they just spent all that money to give away their new guns if/when ordered to do so. But you never know. 

This could be the dusk of some coming dark times, or it could be the dark before the storm that washes away evil parasites like Joe Biden. The way this goes is up to you and me.


*I apologize to the intelligent swine of the non-human variety. I am not the one who began the tradition of calling cops "pigs". Maybe I should have called her his emotional support Reptilian, instead. But, again, I prefer reptiles to things of her sort.


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