Tuesday, February 15, 2022

(Not exactly) Just a test

I went ahead and opened the GoFu**Me campaign to see if
1) I can raise the money for the Liberty Pill Dispenser or
2) They'll figure out what it's for and remove the campaign and
3) How long until the campaign is removed.

At least, history suggests they'll refund any donations if the campaign is removed. And, on the off-chance it all goes through (and anyone donates), maybe I'll get to buy something non-essential, but fun.

On with the experiment. Here's the link again: https://gofund.me/d02d93b3

Added: So far, it's still up. But also has zero engagement. How's that for staying under the radar?


A product of government schooling educates me

On a "social" media platform, someone responded to my statement, "My appreciation for education explains my opposition to schooling. Especially government schooling" with this gem: "so you rather have religious indoctrination. You should read a history book" (all grammatical and spelling errors as in the originals).

I replied, "False dichotomy. Plus, government is the primary religion of our time,"

So this genius, "gayuncle2", struck back with, "I don't think you understand how dichotomy works religion is the biggest danger to our society and democracy now [...] Read a hustory book there is a reason tgey called it the dark ages"

So, he doesn't understand what a false dichotomy is and is trying to cover for that shortcoming. A product of the schools he thinks educated him, no doubt.

I responded again: "Government is the biggest religion. And, yes, it is a threat to society, as is democracy (mob rule).  Government indoctrination is why you believe otherwise."

Not sure I'll bother to respond again, but it is educational to interact with these people on occasion if only to see why society is in such trouble. "The more you know..."


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