Saturday, August 24, 2019

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Identical where it matters

Things can be different, yet have some identical properties.

Say you are standing around minding your own business, Suddenly, without warning, something falling from a great height lands on your head, splattering you over a wide area. In one scenario it was a massive 1960s era computer and in an alternate reality it was a large boulder. Either way, you are dead. A boulder falling on your head will have the same effect on you as the giant computer if either one falls on your head. They are different in nearly every way but you're just as dead. That's the only property they have that matters in that situation.

All humans differ from each other in so many interesting ways, yet they all have equal and identical rights. Male, female, every "race" or religion, wherever they happen to live (or visit), no matter the opinions of the local gang of bullies, and even if they imagine they are something they demonstrably aren't; their rights are exactly the same as everyone else's. People are different in so many ways but they remain the same in the only way that matters.
Their rights are equal and identical.
Respect that.

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