Saturday, April 29, 2023

Post-modern neo-statist gets confused

Throughout all of human history and prehistory, there have been individuals whose behavior we would now describe as "libertarian". Or Voluntaryist, abolitionist, or anarchist-- however you'd prefer to describe it.

But, I had a guy tell me that no one could have been libertarian before the word "libertarian" was coined. (I checked his bio and he promotes "post-libertarianism", which I suppose is neo-statism, with a dash of post-modernism.)

I asked him if dogs existed before the word "dog" was created. He argued (in a "no such thing as reality" post-modernist sort of way) that they did not. He demanded I "prove" dogs existed before the word "dog".  There's just so much wrong with that approach, including language differences and the fact I can't time-travel to the past.

But, besides his post-modern post-libertarian neo-statism, he wasn't even starting from a position of understanding the topic. No wonder he couldn't discuss the topic in a sensible way.

He kept trying to frame libertarianism as strictly a political movement rather than an ethical philosophy or way to live. This will always lead you astray.

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