Sunday, February 14, 2016

Taxing Big Business

Corporations, "Wall Street", and "Big Business" don't ever pay "taxes". No matter how you "tax" them, the consumer- the "little guy": YOU and me- will always be the ones paying the "tax".

That's not meanness on their part. It is a simple economic reality "Big Business" couldn't change even if it wanted to.

"Taxes" are a cost of doing business for them- as is hiring accountants and lawyers to deal with the "taxes". If they don't figure in that cost while calculating the price they charge you, they go out of business.

"Big Business" can absorb this cost into the cost of doing business more easily than a small business can, so it will affect their costs (and customers) less than it would a small business. So, the "tax" hurts small business more than it hurts "Big Business", eliminating competition- those "taxes" are anti-business, anti-choice, and anti-consumer.

It's simple, it's harsh, and it's true.

So, if you advocate raising their "taxes" for any reason, you are "taxing" yourself. And me. And "taxing" me is robbing me, and I don't appreciate it one little bit. Knock it off!