Thursday, May 19, 2022

Gun thoughts

It seems to be a very scary world for those who aren't responsible enough to live armed and ready. Why should I let that be my problem?

Over and over I've seen them talking about feeling they are in danger all the time; the fear that they might get shot while just going about their lives. They live in fear that those around them might be armed-- regardless of the intentions and actions of those around them. They have many different "reasons"-- they live in a big city, or a small town, or wherever. Their reasons are conflicting, but they feel them deeply. Apparently. 

And it's why they want everyone else disarmed by legislation and draconian enforcement.

I can't possibly understand how they feel... and I've tried

Years ago-- just before the Klinton presidency-- I gave the anti-gun position serious consideration (bet you never saw that coming). I was tired of being on the unpopular side that seemed to be losing ground with each passing year. I decided to try on the idea that gun ownership was bad; that maybe they were right to want guns forbidden. I gave it my best shot for a year or so and every time I tried to defend the position to myself it just crumbled into nothing as soon as I engaged my brain. It just wouldn't hold up under scrutiny and rational thought. I couldn't be dumb enough to keep believing it.

It's when I realized I'd rather be correct than popular or to be thought well of by people I couldn't respect even a little.

I take responsibility for my own safety and for the safety of those around me. I'd rather die, fighting back with proper tools, than live in fear all the time because of hatred for tools and the fear that someone else may have them. That's a pathetic way to live (and die).

The fact that in Buffalo the armed guard was shot and killed when he confronted the evil loser doesn't mean that armed good guys are useless. He probably saved lives by distracting and delaying the evil loser.

One armed guard in a place is like one sip of water in a desert. It's better than nothing, but not sufficient. Just like you need an oasis full of fresh, clean water and a gentle, general rainfall in the desert, you need a universally armed population before there are enough people to engage any evil loser who decides to murder people. Even if cops were good guys, they aren't enough. You need to step up, too.

Any time some evil loser shoots people, the anti-gun bigots go nuts for a while, screaming for more of what caused the massacre in the first place (anti-defense rules). They want to punish the only people who could possibly stand between an evil loser and any innocent people he intends to harm. Anti-gun bigots aren't too bright, are they? Unless they are lying about their reasons. Either they are ignorant or they are evil-- or both.

I've seen a resurrection of the "I'm a military vet who owns guns, and I say no one needs an AR-15..." posts. If these are the people supposedly "fighting for our freedom" it's no wonder we have so little freedom left. Domestic enemies, one and all.

Whatever happens, it has gotten to the point where you have to choose between complying with bad rules or ignoring them and doing the right thing. Good, responsible people are going to have to be outlaws. Not violators of the ZAP, but violators of counterfeit rules that violate the ZAP. Personally, I think that's been the situation all my life, but it's getting worse. Getting more dangerous to be right. Are you up to the task? I hope I am.


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