Friday, November 25, 2022

Goose attacks occur where there are geese

I've noticed that when you point out that evil losers in America tend to murder people with guns because that's the tool available, and evil losers in other countries tend to murder people with different tools if guns aren't available, anti-gun bigots don't like this.

As I recently pointed out, goose attacks happen where geese are, not where they aren't.

But, just because you didn't get attacked by a goose doesn't mean you weren't attacked by something else.

An anti-gun bigot demanded I provide evidence-- with references from a source acceptable to them-- for this observation. When I asked who they would find acceptable, the question was deflected. They wanted me to do the work to provide evidence for something which is actually self-evident, and then they were going to reject the evidence because it didn't come from a source they trusted, which they didn't want to name ahead of time.

There was a time I would have done it anyway. That time isn't today.

Besides, it's irrelevant. Liberty is the greatest good and "safety" is usually slavery painted in cute colors.

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