Sunday, May 18, 2014

Death to cops?

A couple of days ago I got into a discussion with a cop on Facebook. He took it personally that I pointed out that any honest depiction of cops will seem like a "slam" to those who believe there are "good cops".

Among the various comments he made was that I gloat over the deaths of cops who are just trying to make life better and safer by catching people who don't "act as they should". (Yeah, I'll ignore the numerous falsehoods, faulty premises, and outright delusions in that assertion for now.)

It's not just cops.

When I hear of the death of anyone engaged in aggression or theft I count it as a win for each and every individual who makes up society. If a cop can do his "job" without becoming an aggressor or thief I will not gloat if he dies "in the line of duty". If not- good riddance to bad trash.

The problem is that even that cop on Facebook knows that simply isn't possible. He knows he's a bad guy- he just expects others to pretend otherwise and worship him and his "brothers" based upon their imaginary "necessity".

Not gonna happen from this end.