Saturday, December 08, 2018

You can't have "open borders" without "borders"

And government "borders", regardless of their openness or closedness, are the problem.

I don't advocate for "open borders" because I don't believe government borders have the tiniest bit of legitimacy. I only believe in lines marking the boundaries of private property. Those are the only real borders. Sometimes those coincide with fictional government "borders" and sometimes they don't.

Claiming that makes me for "open borders" is like saying that because I don't believe in bloody Christopher Lee vampires I must only believe in Twilight's sparkle-boy vampires. No, all those vampires are fictional. Instead of believing in either of them I believe in vampire bats-- the real vampires. Yes, these real vampires gorge on blood, but they aren't otherwise very similar to the fictional vampires.

And real property lines are nothing like fictional government "borders".

Yes, obviously, belief in fictional things can inspire people to archate in real life. The "Slenderman" phenomenon, and resulting attack, should demonstrate that. This doesn't prove the reality of the things they believe in; only the power of belief to cause people to act. It also doesn't matter how popular the belief may be. Fiction is fiction, even if "everyone believes it".

Close your own borders. I'll even help if I can. Build a fence, a wall, or a sniper's roost to protect your property's borders. None of my business unless you ask for my help.

But if you want to justify violating property rights, violating the right of association, and violently preventing people from moving where they have a right to be because of your belief in government and its "borders" I can't support you.


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