Friday, July 21, 2023

Taxation is unambiguously unethical

Taxation is archation. Taxation is theft, extortion, and slavery. My "need" or "want" doesn't make it right to tax you. Nothing can make taxation ethical; if your morality justifies taxation, your morals are worthless.

I can't believe the people who try to justify taxation.

One guy told me that taxation to pay for insulin is OK because people will die! without it. I asked if he would voluntarily pay for other people's insulin, without being taxed. He deflected. I asked again. He responded "I do pay voluntarily, but I am only one person, and pharmaceutical companies rip people off. When there are matters of life and death, I want my government to fix it."

Ouch! "my government"! The statist's most ignorant phrase! Anyway...

I told him, "Government empowers the pharmaceutical monopoly. By supporting government you are killing people who need life-saving medicines." Not to mention government is the worst mass murderer in the entire history of the planet, and he imagines it will save lives because it is so compassionate.

I should have asked how many strangers' insulin he's currently buying for them directly. I bet I know the precise number without him telling me.

I and another person tried to explain to him that (imagining you are) buying something with taxes is inefficient (at best). Most of the tax money only goes to support the bureaucracy and infrastructure of the state (and pay the interest on Congress' debt). Only a vanishingly tiny portion ever goes toward anything useful, like insulin. He doesn't care and isn't going to listen, because he loves "his" government and he loves stealing YOUR money for things he wants.

People who support taxation and government are quick to ridicule freedom (and ignore liberty)-- he characterized it as loving "muh freedumbs". They are horrible people. But, by advocating in favor of taxation-- theft, extortion, slavery: archation-- they are telling you exactly who and what they are.

Could I maybe get a little attention for my surgery fund? 
Thank you!