Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Liberty is for everyone

Is liberty "adult content"?

Friday Patreon notified me that my blog had been flagged as "adult content". Readers were forced to affirm they were over 18 to access it there.

In other words, apparently, some statist troll got offended and reported me.

It makes me angry that a troll can flag my blog, Patreon automatically sets it to "adult content" without apparently even checking to see if the flagging was honest, and then was up to me to file a complaint and try to get the error fixed.

Fortunately, after I contacted them, Patreon did re-evaluate my blog and took off the "adult content" flag. I thank them for that!

I have never posted anything on my blog that I would be ashamed to have a kid see or read. In fact, I wish they would. But, obviously, some would rather keep them ignorant.

Soon liberty will be flagged as "hate speech" and "child pornography", too. Whatever it takes to get it banned. It may have no place on the internet.

Some of this is undoubtedly due to governmental pressure-- I wish for a separation of internet and State-- but most of it is just due to anti-liberty bigotry from run-of-the-mill statists. Statists who must suspect deep-down that they are wrong, so they use sneak attacks to silence those who prickle their conscience (if they have one). They have no argument for their position, so they cheat.

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