Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Breaking News! Freedom pamphlet sweeps the world!

Well, maybe not yet. But you can help make my headline true.

There's a new booklet you need to download. Freedom and How To Find It. It was written by frequent commenter to this blog, and all-around good liberty-loving guy, Jim Davies. 

And when you do download a copy, please send a dollar to Jim, and then send copies to people you know might be receptive to the message.

I've been sending out copies myself.

The more liberty there is, the better off all of us will be. Only the bad guys will be hurt by it, and I can't bring myself to care much about their plight. 

I know what liberty looks and feels like, and I want it all. Not bits and pieces-- ALL of it. Maybe this could help reach the goal.

Here are some of the best ways to help me