Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Evil has planted a flag

At the local park, there is the obligatory monument to victims of government human sacrifice. Above it flaps the flag that serves as a reminder that government doesn't care about those it can't account for during or after it has used them for its power and glory.

For a while now,  rather than a standard Holy Pole Quilt flying over these reminders of how stupid and evil government is, there has been a Cowards' Swastika flag on the pole.

What's up with that?

Generally, I only see these hideous abominations flying at the residence of a Blue Line Gang member, or the house of a rabid copsucker. I don't remember seeing Cowards' Swastika flags in public spaces that aren't specifically claimed by cops.

I don't know who oversees the human sacrifice memorial or the pole quilts that flap above it. I also don't really care enough to ask around. But this seems to be an escalation of the war against liberty. Evil has staked a claim by planting its flag.

Thank you for reading.