Thursday, November 29, 2018

Playing "grown-up"

You are not having an adult conversation if you are talking about "foreign policy", "tax policy", or "immigration policy". Not if you are talking about what "laws" need to be passed or enforced. Not if you honestly believe other people should be governed by states.

At best you are having a Middle School conversation. More suitable for the Jerry Springer Show than for anywhere else.

It's just like thinking the world revolves around who likes whom, who got invited to which party, or having the "right" brand of clothes-- and bullying based on all that silliness.

Feel free to focus your attention on those things if you enjoy it, but don't fool yourself into believing they are signs of an adult worldview, no matter how grave those discussing the matters appear to be. And no matter how much power they may have. No matter the fineness of their suits, ties, and shoes. It's just a costume designed to make you believe the matters have weight.

It reminds me of how cussing is referred to as "adult language". I always thought that was ridiculous. I consider it Middle School language. That's about the time of "peak cussing" in my observation-- although I probably peaked in 5th grade. Most people grow out of it to some extent as they mature. But at least cussing doesn't actually harm anyone; cuss all you want. The pro-government childishness can't make the same claim.

"Adult", when applied to these childish things, is inaccurate. You can take something seriously, but if it advocates theft or aggression it's adolescent behavior, no matter how old its advocates are.


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