Tuesday, August 01, 2023

Hatred and bigotry based on nothing

One thing I've encountered on the alternative social media sites that I didn't see on TwiXer is real bigotry against Jews and black people. I mean, some really nasty stuff; similar to what I saw against gun owners from the anti-gun bigots on TwiXer. Some from people using (and soiling) the name "libertarian". I guess I have led a sheltered existence since I really haven't been exposed to this sort of thing.

I just don't get hatred against people based on their circumstances of birth.

If you're going to hate someone, hate those who deserve it: people who make a choice to violate others. Hate what someone does, not who they were born.

It's ridiculous to hate Jews, blacks, or Russians since they aren't doing anything to you by existing. They were merely born, and that tells you nothing about what each of them, as an individual, is doing. They couldn't change who they are if they wanted to, and why would they?

Rapists, police, and muggers, on the other hand, are in the group they are in by choice-- a group categorized by the things they do. Things they continue to do. They could make the choice to stop and make amends for their past violations, but they rarely do. 

If you need to direct hate at someone, they are begging for it by choosing to violate others. Still, hate their actions, not who they otherwise are.

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