Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ethan Nadelmann: "Why we need to end the war on drugs".

Even considering the things he's gotten wrong, this is a very good talk.

First of all, "we" don't need to do anything- other than withdraw consent, perhaps. I did end my own war on politically incorrect drugs. Decades ago. I came to realize how ridiculous supporting prohibition was- or is. How hypocritical, since everyone uses "drugs". I haven't used any "illegal" drugs in years, nor have I used any "legal" drugs in "illegal" ways recently (that I can think of). Not because those things are "illegal", but because I haven't wanted to. "Laws" mean about as much to me as the opinions of a drooling idiot- because that's exactly what they are: idiotic opinions, backed up by bullies with guns, which you and I were forced to buy for them to use against us.

There should be no "policy" regarding drugs, beyond "if you don't like them, don't use them" or "if I catch you coming to work stoned, you're fired". It is no government's business. I don't want drugs "taxed" or "regulated" like alcohol (which I also know shouldn't be "taxed" or "regulated"). Those things are just new, sick facets of prohibition. They empower and finance The State, and are just evidence of the troglodytes who are still desperately clinging to the failed experiment of The State.

Drug abuse can be bad. Prohibition is always horrible- much, much worse than any drug abuse can ever be.

Don't do drugs? Don't do prohibition!!