Saturday, November 12, 2022

Government supremacists embrace freedom

Government supremacists who don't understand liberty seem to be big on talking up freedom. They use this as a way to justify liberty-crushing things they want the freedom to do to you.

They'll honor government troops for dying for freedom. They'll v*te, rally, and protest for freedom. No one advocates liberty.

Freedom has become almost as distasteful to me as democracy. That's because people who focus on freedom too much always seem to want the freedom to violate others.

If banning guns is what you want to do, you want the freedom to do so.
If you want the freedom to lock down the "border" that's what you'll focus on. 

Never mind that you don't have any right to do those things-- they are anti-liberty-- but if you want to do them, you'll want the freedom to do them.

(And everyone seems to want the freedom to impose their ideas on abortion on everyone else, which is a whole other mess and seems to have been the driving force behind the recent election outcome.)

Government supremacists like freedom, but not responsible freedom (liberty). They don't seem to understand or want liberty, since liberty would limit their freedom to violate other people's life, liberty, and property in ways they want to get away with, but which are irresponsible.

Let freedom ring? No. Let liberty ring, instead. It's better in every way!

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