Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Fairness isn't a real thing

Whenever I hear someone complaining that this or that "isn't fair" I have a really hard time not rolling my eyes.

Of course things aren't fair. They are just now getting a clue?

Sometimes I tell them the same thing I have told my 9 year-old daughter: "Fair" isn't a real thing. Don't expect it.

It's funny how rarely I hear that particular complaint from my daughter, even with other kids whining about it constantly all around her. She tends to focus on real things, things I might actually be able to help her solve, rather than worrying that the world isn't fair.

But, that the Universe isn't fair is no excuse for me to not try to make people believe it is when they are dealing with me. The Universe isn't fair, and doesn't care, or love, or try to help. That is MY job.

As Dilbert's Scott Adams has pointed out, "Fair" is just a concept invented so children and idiots could participate in discussions. And boy, do they rely on it!

If fair were a feature of reality-- of the Universe-- I would be making a lot more money based on how much work I do. Both with my writing and with the things I do for other people, unpaid. But it isn't, and I don't. I'm not going to stop because of this lack of fairness.

If I could figure out how to consistently turn effort and output into money, I would share the secret with everyone so it would no longer be a secret. Apparently- for me, anyway- Steemit isn't the answer. It would only be "fair".

There are a lot of other people in the same or worse situations. Some fighting "unfairness" beyond anything I can comprehend. I'm glad I'm not in their shoes; aware I could find myself there without warning.

So, no, the world isn't fair. But you can fake it, and for one bright and shining moment, make someone believe it might sometimes be. That is within your power.

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