Saturday, June 25, 2016

Just a heads up

The next week is going to be a very busy one. One I have been dreading for months. I have my reasons, and they may be stupid, or you might understand if you knew. I don't think I'll share details, because it might make me look bad.

It might turn out OK and I may feel foolish later for having been dreading it.

It may give me lots of blog fodder, and a need to vent, or I may miss some days of posting- I don't know which.

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Hang on to your hat.


Brexit... Texit... whatever. I love secession!

I'm probably very late to weigh in on this, but that's how I roll.

If I were a British subject, would I have v*ted in favor of the "Brexit"? Of course not.

Am I in favor of it? Of course I am.

I am in favor of secession as a matter of principle. Breaking up big government into smaller pieces is something that will always make me smile. I always support secession from any government, no matter why it is done, where it happens, or whose idea it is. Even if the secessionists make the first move with a v*te.

But my liberty isn't up for a v*te, and I won't bother putting effort into something I don't put any stock in. I'll still be happy about it when it happens.

Will this v*te lead to liberty for Brits? No. As far as I can tell, the British v*ters aren't even considering that- they are only worried about who will rule them and where their "taxes" will go, not about rejecting rulers and theft altogether.

Still, I like upsetting big governments and the plans they have, even if it's just due to another government breaking away. It's always a step in the right direction- or at least it makes me smile.

Now I see more calls for "Texit", a Texas secession from the US. I'm on board with that, too.

Do I believe the Texas government is somehow "better" than the US government? Ha ha... no.

The thugs who call themselves the Texas government are every bit as bad as those who call themselves the US government. Anti-liberty bigots to the core.

Government is inexcusable. Both the governments in question are gangs of tax-addicted bullies, seeking to use your life and property to gain power. Governments are invariably made up of the lowest scum imaginable- those who believe they have a "right" to run your life, and help themselves to your property. There's no good way to spin that.

One of the primary backers of Texit is the Texas Nationalist Movement. I don't support them because I don't need to be ruled. By anyone. Period. But I will support their secession movement. If it happens, and they are content with small gain, I will keep advocating more secession. All the way down to the individual.

So, yes, I'd like to see Texas (or any other state) secede from the US. The US is the biggest enemy of Americans' liberty, and it needs to be cut down to size by states breaking away. So it's something I would love to see happen. Or a county secede from a state and refuse to join a different state. Or a town secede, or whatever. Ad infinitum.

I've already seceded from every political collective, whether they recognize it or not. It's not up to them. Do they still impose on me? Yes, of course. Bullies do that, but that they call themselves "government" doesn't make them something other than bullies.

It would be great if the Brexit v*te gave the secession movement a little kick in the pants. Even if it doesn't, I still like it.

Secession is NEVER wrong.


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