Friday, February 12, 2021

Avoid this Idiot Trap

If you believe "anyone who does anything illegal needs to be punished", you're a moron, at least on that particular topic. 

"Illegal" doesn't mean "wrong". Not even close. It never did, but the chasm between the two is getting deeper and wider. 

Legislation is not related to ethics.

Do you even know how many things are ridiculously "illegal"? Too many to keep track of. That you do something "illegal" doesn't usually mean you're a bad person; it means there are too many arbitrary "laws" being imposed by a criminal gang-- usually so there is justification to punish you.

Punishment is revenge. It has nothing to do with justice. Punishment isn't "needed"-- restitution is needed... if there's an individual victim.

Only a government-supremacist idiot would say that anyone who does anything illegal needs to be punished. Don't fall into that idiot trap.


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