Saturday, December 05, 2020

In the presence of evil

Well, that was close.

We were in Lubbock, Texas yesterday. We stopped by Walmart to grab a few things since the New Mexico stores are limiting access and you end up waiting 30 minutes or more to get inside.

We chose the one we usually stop at, since it is right on the way home. The receipt says we checked out at 3:37PM. 

At "around" 3:45PM police were called to respond to a fatal shooting.

We only got 3 items; forgot about the fourth thing we intended to get. Which it turns out is a good thing and the only reason we missed being in the store at the time of the shooting.

Nothing happened while we were inside, and even if we were still in the parking lot when the shooting happened-- which is likely-- I neither saw nor heard anything. 

I wonder why the "no guns allowed inside the store" sign beside the door didn't stop the shooter.

It makes you think.

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