Thursday, December 28, 2023

Accept the solution

It bothers me when people complain to me about a problem, I give them a solution, they don’t like the solution so they ignore it and continue complaining about the problem they now know the solution to. 

If I repeat the solution every time they complain I’m the one who sounds like a broken record. So I don’t. And the complaining continues.

One example I see in my life over and over: someone is driving when the sun is low in the sky and complaining about the sun in their eyes. The sun visor can't be adjusted well enough to shade the eyes without blocking the view too much. I point out that wearing a hat with a brim allows one to subconsciously tilt the head to shade the eyes without blocking the view. But Driver doesn't like hats, so won't listen. The complaining continues for YEARS. The known solution isn't acceptable, but the problem is?

It's not only individuals, but "society" that does this. 

Respecting liberty can solve most problems-- it is already demonstrated. But most people don't want to give up certain things (control, political positions, beloved programs, etc.), so they only want disjointed pieces of liberty that don't offend them. 

It doesn't work like that! So, they'll keep grasping at things they already know won't work and complaining that they don't work because not everyone is on board with the designed failure.

If someone offers an easy, reasonable free solution, but you don't like it, at least stop complaining and suck it up.

This blog is my job. You get to decide if I get paid. 

Thank you.