Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Those email lists

I'm on a lot of email lists. From groups I never wanted to get emails from. They can still be educational.

Most of them are telling me to ask Congress (or other lawgiver institutions) to "strengthen" this or that "law" (legislation) so that some horrible thing will be averted. Often for the children, the environment, or democracy. I'm not buying it.

Sometimes I ignore the email. Sometimes I unsubscribe. Occasionally I reply and tell them what I think of their nasty anti-liberty demands- and then unsubscribe. I'm sure they never read the emails I send, even when the email address isn't listed as "unmonitored" as so many are.

Even when I kinda, sorta, agree with their point, I don't agree with the way they are going about it. I'm not going to beg government parasites to make up more legislation. That's just so low.

Thank you for reading.