Saturday, December 05, 2015

Alien in an alien land

Am I living in an alien culture or am I not?

On one hand, I have almost nothing in common with those around me. I can't even relate to the fears that drive so much of their reactionary and statist behavior. And, even when I can relate to those fears, I see their response to be, well, insane- leading to more of the very things they fear.

On the other hand, no one generally initiates force against me nor violates my property- except through "government". People behave libertarian without even knowing what the word means or intending to.

I guess the truly alien part of this culture is that they honestly can't see that how they choose to live their personal lives is contradicted by how they choose to live their "political" lives. It goes beyond blinders. They can't even see what they are doing to themselves.

Yeah, I'm tired of being an alien. But other than being an example that might (might) inspire some change, I don't know how to change it.